In Surgery

Oscar’s last words as he wheeled off into surgery at 8am this morning were Go A’s! (And then he added “I’ll be ok Mom!”) The anesthesia had started to kick in – his eyes were wide and woozy and we were feeding him fun phrases to repeat, but the little message to me was all his.

Surgery will take about 2.5 hours with another four hours under for pre and post-operative procedures. He will be tethered from T9-L2 and will have one three inch-ish incision on his left side, and one smaller one, or maybe just a “poke hole”. The good news is that the surgeons feel that his thoracic (upper) compensatory curve is flexible enough that we will be able to avoid later fusion surgery. His lumbar curve had increased to 45 degrees and his rotation was worsening, so we are really happy to be here now, while tethering is still an option. But the “bad” news, which Oscar just rolled with, is that he’ll probably only grown an inch today. He’d been hoping for 2-3, but he might still pass me up!

More later once he’s out of surgery!

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