A Day of Progress!


Oscar started the day heavy-lidded and drowsy from the medicines. He was slurring his words yet still insisting he wasn’t tired by repeating, “I’m awake” anytime we commented on his sleepy state. Around lunchtime they lowered one of his medications to lessen the sedation and the difference was amazing. He opened his eyes, initiated lots of conversations and starting reading about the Oakland As on the ipad. (Note: he’s not a fan of Andrew Koo’s suggestion that the A’s sign Austin Jackson and release Sam Fuld. Best not mention it)

He did get a bit teary several times, about the A’s article but also about not being able to eat yet. We needed to make sure his gastrointestinal system was fully awake and operational before he could take anything by mouth, even water. By evening he’d passed some big milestones in that area and was able to have a few sips of water and a few sips of apple juice. But not eating is very challenging for him as you might imagine…and unfortunately we are also needing to proceed extra cautiously because of the significant GI complications due to Prader-Willi syndrome. We’re hoping he can eat tomorrow.

The biggest news however is that he got out of bed, stood up and sat upright in a chair for two 30-45 minute periods! He even said he was up for a walk in Central Park…but maybe we’ll start with a stroll around the hospital floor tomorrow.

(Oh, and Oscar would want you to know that he has a view of Central Park from his room. He was so excited to hear that there was a dusting of snow today and tried very hard to sit tall enough to see. Expecting more snow tonight so maybe his wish will be granted tomorrow!)

A few pictures: Oscar sitting up the first time early this afternoon (watching a video Ruby’s 5th grade class made him!) and working on his breathing exercises later in the day.


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