IMG_1628Oscar was feeling better by this evening. While he is still having bouts of lightheadedness and gas pain, his color and chatter have returned, and he has stopped complaining that his head hurts. What a relief. Our best guess, but we don’t really know, is that the gas, plus sensitivity to the narcotics we were giving him, were wreaking havoc. Such a common issue in PWS, but apparently even our significantly reduced doses were too much for his system. We got rid of some gas, we stopped the narcotics, and he’s a little more like himself. And no complaints of “surgery pain” at all!

Helping his spirits were visits from Sarah, the music therapist, and Holly, the therapy dog. Sarah brought her guitar and marimba and sang soothing songs she seemed to make up on the fly. And Holly’s visit motivated Oscar to sit upright for longer than usual—she perched next to him while he gently stroked her fur. Susan, Grandpa, and Audrey also visited both today and yesterday, and Pappap came yesterday. Pretty wonderful that both our families live nearby!

We also got him up walking again. He was fighting it, but moved well. Hopefully in a day or two he’ll be in a place where I can walk alongside reading a book, distracting him with adventures and plot twists.

Meanwhile Abe and Ruby are having fun with Pappap and Pat—playing golf, swimming, and making peach pie. Tomorrow they’ll explore a little in Philadelphia and hunt down a Philly cheesesteak. I don’t think my California kids have ever had one!



7 thoughts on “Improving

  1. So happy to read this post, Mary. Tell Oscar that Peaches would love to visit when he’s back in Berkeley.

    (and if they can, have them check out Jamaican Jerk Hut – probably cliché but I’ve wanted to go there since I saw it in the movie In Her Shoes).


  2. Go, Oscar! You are amazing. We are following you on the blog, rooting for your speedy recovery! I hope Holly comes to visit you again. A therapy dog would work wonders for me, too. I started training one of our dogs, Jackson, to be a therapy dog but as part of the training, we had a to pass a test that involved interacting with people with walkers. Unfortunately, Jackson thought the tennis ball on the bottom of the walker was very interesting and went for it. We failed the test!


    1. This cracked me up, EB. Oscar said, “Awwwwwww”. I think he feels bad for Jackson, or maybe for the universe that will have one fewer therapy dog because they are indeed awesome. :-).


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