Back in Berkeley

We’re home! A thankfully uneventful and pain-free six hour flight with relatively smooth transitions in the airports – I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. We were greeted by bright sun, clear blue skies and early spring blooms…all making me feel like we were gone for two months, not two weeks. We drove directly from the airport to Paul’s office so Oscar could say hi.

At Newark airport

A quick hello to dad

At Berkwood Hedge Ruby met us with big smiles, hugs and presents for Oscar from herself and her friends. Teachers who’ve known (and taught!) O for years gathered to welcome him home.

Oscar cheered when he saw that Paul and Abe had “saved” all the newspapers and immediately separated out all the sports pages. He’s been slowly plowing through 18 days of Warriors and A’s news.

huge stack of sports pages
Our suitcases are still not unpacked, the mail is piled high, and I’m back in the carpooling swing, but it’s good to be home. Oscar is a bit spacey — he’s taking it slowly and spending lots of time lying down. His posture is improving with reminders and he’s no longer splinting his left side. He did insist on a longer one hour walk today knowing that it will help him heal, and he’s also starting to work on his English and math packets. Tomorrow we’ll go visit school for a couple of hours, the first step toward transitioning back. Next week I’m hoping he can manage a couple of half days and in a few weeks I think maybe he’ll be able to do a full day.  We’ve still a way to go before life is back to “normal” for either of us, but that’s all to be expected.

A few photos from our walk today around the Berkeley Marina. At the Berkeley Marina with SF in the background

using our shadows to work on posture

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